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JBT40 Electric Concrete Mixer Pump
Theoretical Output:40m3/h
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Concrete Forced Mixing Pump

Forced mixing trailer pump integrates mixer and pumping machine, also known as mixing and pumping integrated machine, mixing and conveying integrated pump, mixing pump integrated machine, mixing and transporting dual-purpose machine, concrete mixer with pump truck integrated machine, etc.

JBT series mixing and pumping integrated machine adopts forced twin-shaft mixer as the main part of mixing, combined with HBT series concrete pump, which integrates feeding, mixing and high-pressure pumping. Electric motors or diesel generator sets can be used as the power system, the construction operation system is fully automated, the mixing, pumping, feeding, and water addition can realize one-key operation, which can be easily moved on the construction site, and can unload concrete tankers or dump trucks to adapt to more surroundings.

This series of mixing trailer pumps can be used for mixing and pumping dry and wet materials such as cement, mortar, fine stone concrete, etc., combining two into one, and one machine for dual purposes. Therefore, the purchase price of the machine is relatively low and the cost performance is high. The body is dexterous, convenient to transport, and has a small footprint. Simple operation and stable performance. While improving the quality of concrete mixing, it also saves time, manpower, and labor costs. It realizes the on-site mixing of concrete, mortar, etc., and pipeline transportation at the same time. The concrete is directly pumped to the pouring place. The work efficiency is high. It is a mixer and a small-sized mixer. The combination of the two concrete pumps. Not only can the work efficiency of the project be greatly improved during construction, it is also more convenient for construction in narrow areas, sloping roofs, and high-rise buildings.

Performance characteristics

1. Electrical system: PLC programmable computer control of the whole machine, optimized design of control circuit, scientific layout and simple operation. Equipped with a wireless remote control, convenient for remote operation.

2. Pumping system: Double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping is adopted, which improves work efficiency and reduces failure rate.

3. S-pipe distribution valve: S-pipe valve is used, equipped with a floating wear ring, which automatically compensates for wear, has good sealing, simple and reliable structure, improves work efficiency, and reduces maintenance costs. It has two working modes: low pressure and large displacement and high pressure and small displacement.

4. Reversing system: It adopts electric and hydraulic control reversing, with sensitive response and good stability.

5. High outlet pressure: horizontal transportation can reach 400 meters to 500 meters, and vertical transportation reach 150 meters to 180 meters, which can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction.

6. Cooling system: The hydraulic oil cooling adopts an oil-air cooler heat dissipation system, which has a large cooling power, which can greatly reduce the heat generated by the hydraulic system, and ensure that the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 60°C, eliminating water cooling and heat dissipation. The limitation of the water source of the device makes it easy to construct and move the equipment.

7. Hydraulic oil circuit: The open hydraulic system is adopted, which improves the reversing speed and higher efficiency.

8. Reverse pump function: It has reverse pump function, adopts automatic pressure protection, reduces pipeline blockage, improves work efficiency, and prolongs pipeline service life.

9. Hydraulic oil tank: Large-volume hydraulic oil tank is used, which prolongs the oil change interval of the hydraulic oil and reduces the maintenance cost.

10. Mixing device: The sealing is reliable and it is not easy to leak; the mixing blade has a reasonable structure and can be applied to a variety of concrete ratios.

11. One-piece screen: The hopper adopts an integrated one-piece screen, which is simple and convenient to replace and clean. The mesh density and shape are optimized for design, scientifically stressed, no deformation, no material storage. The glasses plate and the cutting ring are made of high-hard wear-resistant alloy materials, which have good wear resistance. The cutting ring adopts a structure that can automatically compensate for the gap and has a longer life.

12. Convenient to move: With universal wheels, it can be dragged by a car, and it can move flexibly.

Item JBT40 DJBT40
Theoretical output (m3/h) 40 40
Max. concrete pumping pressure (MPa) 10 10
Power type Motor Diesel
Electric motor (kw) 45 82
Main oil pump Kawasaki Kawasaki
Main oil pump capacity (ml/min) 112 112
Theoretical delivery distance (m) 160/500 160/500
Hopper capacity (L) 550 550
Max. aggregate diameter (mm) 30/40 30/40
Inside diameter of delivery pipe (mm) 150 150
Loading capacity of the mixer (L) 720 720
Unloading capacity of the mixer (L) 450 450
Dimension: length x width x height 4800x2200x2800 6000x2200x2800
Total weight (kg) 5500 6000

Concrete Mixer With Pump



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Add:Longxiang Industrial Park ,

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