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Concrete Delivering Pump

Concrete pumps are divided into trailer concrete pumps, truck-mounted pumps and pump trucks as structure and purpose, and can be divided into electric concrete pumps and diesel concrete pumps as power types. Trailer concrete pumps are mainly used in building construction, construction sites to pump concrete to high-rise buildings. They are also called concrete delivering pump concrete trailers pumps and ground pumps, etc.This equipment is one of our company's traditional products.

    In order to meet the needs of field construction sites and other operating environments without power sources, SINOSUN has developed a diesel engine-powered concrete delivery pump. The pump power system uses a diesel engine that meets the emission standards. It has the advantages of reliable performance, stable operation, convenient maintenance and so on. It can operate stably in harsh environments and solve the problem of operation without power supply.
    In addition, SINOSUN’s HBTS diesel-powered concrete pump adopts theautomatic adjustment of diesel engine speed technology. During the pumping process, the diesel engine speed is detected by the speed sensor and transmitted to the control computer. The change in the pumping pressure will cause the corresponding change in the diesel engine speed. , The control computer controls the throttle motor to increase and decrease the throttle according to the detected rotation speed change, and automatically adjust the diesel engine to run at the appropriate rotation speed, so as to achieve the smooth and reliable pumping operation and save fuel.
Performance characteristics:
1. Electrical system: PLC programmable computer control of the whole machine, optimized design of control circuit, simple operation. Equipped with a wireless remote control, convenient for remote operation.
2. Pumping system: Double-cylinder full hydraulic pumping is adopted, which improves work efficiency and reduces failure rate.
3. S pipe distribution valve: equipped with floating wear-resistant ring, automatically compensate for wear, good sealing, simple and reliable structure, improve work efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs. It has two working modes: low pressure and large displacement and high pressure and small displacement.
4. Reversing system: It adopts electric and hydraulic control reversing, with sensitive response and good stability.
5. High outlet pressure: horizontal transportation can reach 400 meters to 500 meters, and vertical transportation reach 150 meters to 180 meters, which can meet the transportation requirements of high-rise buildings and long-distance construction.
6. Cooling system: The hydraulic oil cooling adopts an oil-air cooler heat dissipation system with large cooling power to ensure that the working oil temperature of the hydraulic system is controlled below 60℃, avoiding the limitation of the water-cooled radiator to connect to the water source, which is convenient for construction and easy The device moves.
7. Hydraulic oil circuit: The open hydraulic system is adopted, which improves the reversing speed and higher efficiency.
8. Reverse pump function: It has reverse pump function, adopts automatic pressure protection, reduces pipeline blockage, improves work efficiency, and prolongs pipeline service life.
9. Hydraulic oil tank: Large-volume hydraulic oil tank is used, which prolongs the oil change interval of the hydraulic oil and reduces the maintenance cost.
10. Mixing device: The sealing is reliable and it is not easy to leak; the mixing blade has a reasonable structure and can be applied to a variety of concrete ratios.
11. Vibrating screen: The hopper adopts an integrated integral vibrating screen, which is simple and convenient to replace and clean. The density and shape of the mesh are optimized.
12. Convenient to move: With universal wheels, it can be dragged by a car, and it can move flexibly.

HBTS40/HBTS50 is mainly used for conveying cement mortar in buildings, buildings and the ground, including grounding, floor heating, and thickening of concrete cross-sections
HBTS60/HBTS80 is used for main construction projects, piling, building construction, commercial concrete transportation of high-rise buildings, railways, hydropower, mines, national defense projects, foundations, roads, bridges, bridge slabs, support, reinforcement and filling of large structures, etc.
HBT90/HBT100 is used for large-scale concrete transportation in large-scale engineering projects, large-scale concrete transportation projects such as large and high-rise buildings
Our HBT series can be used for ordinary concrete transportation, and can also be used with our JBT/DJBT series batching and mixing integrated machine for mixing and pumping two-in-one applications, or with a cloth machine as a filling pump for cloth operations. It can be used with high-pressure nozzles for spraying operations.

Items HBTS40 HBTS60 HBTS80
Max. theo. concrete output(L./H) M3/h 40/26 67/45 84/45
Max.concrete pumping pressure(H./L.) MPa 10/7.6 13/7 16/11

Max. Theoretical Vertical 

Conveying Distance

m 120 180 200

Max. Theoretical Horizontal

Conveying Distance

m 500 800 800
Inside diameter of delivering pipe mm Φ125 Φ125 Φ125
Dimensionslength×width×height mm 5000x1850x1700 5800x2000x1750 6300x2100x2350
Total weight kg 4500 6500 6900



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Add:Longxiang Industrial Park ,

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